Cottages Rent Year Round *

Spend a week or a weekend at a beautiful vacation cottage or vacation home in Muskegon County, on the shores of Lake Michigan. With sugar sand beaches and dunes, fine dining and entertainment, your vacation cottage on Lake Michigan will offer fun and relaxation for your entire family.

Bear Lake Channel
Bay Lane Cottage * 359 Bay Ln., North Muskegon 231.343.9080
Big Blue Lake
Blue Lake Carriage House 1585 Lake Ave., Holton 231.894.6058
Our Place At Big Blue Lake 11310 Pine, Holton 616.836.0578
Duck Lake
Cottage on Duck Lake 5842 Duck Lake Rd., Whitehall 231.766.2222
Duck Lake Cottage 5888 Duck Lake Rd., Whitehall 231.766.0424
Duck Lake Retreat 5680 Duck Lake Rd., Whitehall 800.870.3393
Lake Michigan
A Lake Michigan Year Round* 7204 Lifeguard Rd., Montague 231.893.2054
 A Potter's Guesthouse 6211 Michillinda Rd., Muskegon 231.893.2050
Bailey Sands Beach Cottage* 1673 Nelson St., Muskegon 773.780.5113
Baileys Beach Retreat 5501 Lake Harbor Rd., Norton Shores 800.870.3393
Beach Bungalow* 1404 Beach St., Muskegon 231.777.7570  
Beachside Cottage* Scenic Dr., North Muskegon 708.606.2558
Beautiful Lakeshore Home* Lakeshore Dr., Muskegon 512.940.3682
Bill and Stella s By the Shore 1406 Beach St., Muskegon 616.897.5871
Bluffton Bungalow Thompson Ave., Muskegon 708.606.2558
 Bluffton Cape-Codder* Lakeshore Dr., Muskegon 708.606.2558
Bluffton Harbor Cottages- Cozy EaglesNest Cottage 3318 Wilcox Ave., Muskegon 231.755.4466
Bluffton Harbor Cottages- Charming Redbird Cottage* 3312 Wilcox Ave., Muskegon 231.755.4466
Bluffton Hideaway* 3307 Lakeshore Dr.,Muskegon 708.606.2558
Carriage House, The 5671 South Shore Dr., Whitehall 231.893.4765
Cottage Sankofa* 3551 Woodlawn Ct., Muskegon 616.617.2882
Denman's Beech Grove- Pedler's Paradise * 3399 Plum Ave., Muskegon 231.755.0911
Denman s Beech Grove - Plum Hollow* 3409 Plum Ave., Muskegon 231.755.0911
Garvelink Cottage on Lake MI contact for information 248.320.6700  
Harbor View * 3687 Rodgers Ave., Muskegon 616.690.7468
Idlewild Cottage 2929 Idlewild Rd., Muskegon 800.870.3393
Idlewild Retreat 3045 Idlewild Rd., Muskegon 616.842.5716
In the Wooded Dunes Norton Shores 231.798.1688
Kaminski Cottage 8765 Lehman Rd., Montague 231.894.8508
 Keaton Corner Cottage Pere Marquette 206.930.6819  
Lake Michigan Beachfront Cottage* 10503 Lost Valley Rd., Montague 616.780.0663
Lake Michigan Beach Home Beach St., Muskegon 231.206.1558
Lodge On The Lake- Evergreen and Sandpiper 5060 Sandpiper Dr., North Muskegon 231.855.4118
Majestic Dunes Norton Shores 616.437.1687
Olsen Cottages* 1349 Scenic Dr., North Muskegon 231.288.1502
Sand Castle* 1360 Nelson St., Muskegon 616.896.7004
Savannah Sands Beach Cottage* 1675 Nelson St., Muskegon 773.780.5113
Scenic Beach 3119 Scenic Dr., Muskegon 800-870-3393
Sea Fever Lodge 5645 Murray Rd., Muskegon 269.967.0594
Seavers Cottage Meinert Pk., Montague 231.894.9443   
Spinnaker House* 1663 Nelson St., Muskegon 231.759.8615
Sunset Beach Cottages* 1403 Scenic Dr., North Muskegon 231.744.5333
The Beach House 1656 Beach St., Pere Marquette Beach 760.729.4372
Thompson Rental* provided upon contact 616.633.9962
Whispering Dunes-Guest House* 5339 Lake Harbor Dr., Muskegon 616.706.6224
Windhaven on Lake Michigan 2859 Scenic Dr., North Muskegon 217.377.2750
Woods On The Lake Cottages 1503 Scenic Dr., North Muskegon 231.744.0362   
Mona Lake
House on Mona Lake 35 Lakeview Dr., Muskegon 231.739.7371
Mona Lake Cottage* 1743 Forest Pk., Norton Shores 231.206.0889
Timbershores-Year-Round Cottage* 228 Lake Dr., Norton Shores 231.557.9086
Muskegon Lake
Baker Rentals 2931 Memorial Dr., North Muskegon 231.750.3425
Cherry House I and II 1845 & 1849 Cherry St., Muskegon 231.578.0869
The Bluff House 3217 Edgewater St., Muskegon 231.755.0541
North Lake
North Lake Bungalow 2378 Duff Rd., Twin Lake 800.870.3393
Twin Lake
Beautiful Sunsets.... 2971 Lakeshore Dr., Twin Lake 586.412.0762
Lakefront Vacationing at it's Best! 2963 Lakeshore Dr., Twin Lake 586.412.0762
Sandy Shores Of Twin Lake*    586.412.0762
Twin Lake Cottage* 6321 Tenth St., Twin Lake 231.206.0889
White Lake
3-D Properties 5558 Channel View Dr., Whitehall 231.894.2281
Back Dune Cottage 6900 South Shore Dr., Whitehall 269.795.2152
Cabin on White Lake 6811 W. Old Channel Tr., Montague 231.894.8837
Cozie's Cottage 5758 South Shore Dr., Whitehall 231.893.1800
Garvelink Cottage on Lake Michigan North of White Lake Channel 248.320.6700
Indian Point 6375 Indian Pt., Montague 800.870.3393
Irey Cottage 1507 Carlton St., Whitehall 231-730-3477
Lakeview House 5946 S Shore Dr., Whitehall 219.663.6636
Old Channel Vacation Rentals 7051 N. Old Channel Tr., Montague 231.740.5451
Reese Cottage 7534 Old Channel Tr., Montague 231.894.4710
Schlief s Cottage Montague 517.627.5981 after 4pm wkdys
 Swan at Stonehearth 8638 Sheridan St., Montague 231.894.5169
Swan Cottage 8663 Sheridan St., Montague 231.894.5169
White Lake Retreat 6595 S. Shore Dr., Whitehall 800.870.3393
Wolf Lake
Affordable Family Cottages 5960 and 5970 Hazekamp 231.788.3905
Wolf Lake Vacation Rental  Wolf Lake 517.763.3195
Cottages with * are open year round.  

Woods on the Lake Cottages
Duneridge Cottages
Duneridge Cottages