Summer Nights & Silver Screens: Muskegon's Historic Drive-In Offers Double Features, Modern Amenities & More

Entrance Only sign at Getty Drive-In

Relive Summer Nights and Movie Magic at the Historic Getty Drive-In

Nestled in Muskegon County, Michigan, the Getty Drive-In Theatre is more than just a movie theater; it's a portal to a simpler time. Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2024, this beloved institution has been a community fixture since 1944. Originally established as the NK Outdoor Theater with a single screen, it has evolved alongside the film industry. In 1966, it was acquired by Jack Loeks Theatres (now Celebration! Cinema) and renamed the Getty Drive-In. The theater expanded to four screens in 1979, becoming one of the largest drive-ins in the Midwest. Today, it stands as one of only eight remaining drive-in theaters in Michigan, blending nostalgic charm with modern convenience.

Getty Drive-In Ticket Booths

Summer Nights, Double Delights

Picture a warm summer night under the stars, with a big screen flickering before you and the anticipation of a double feature. This quintessential drive-in experience awaits you at the Getty Drive-In, where you can enjoy two movies for the price of one. It's the perfect way to extend a summer night with friends and family, creating lasting memories in Muskegon, Michigan.

Lights out sign at Getty Drive-In

Modern Amenities for a Comfortable Night

The Getty Drive-In seamlessly combines nostalgia with modern comforts. Digital projection on all four screens ensures crystal-clear visuals, while FM radio transmission provides crisp audio directly to your car. A dedicated children's play area keeps little ones entertained, and special events throughout the year add to the fun.

Concession Stand at Getty Drive-In

More Than Just Movies

The Getty Drive-In offers unique experiences you won't find elsewhere. Annual events like Halloween Trunk or Treat allow you to celebrate the spooky season with both scary and family-friendly movies, costume showcases, and trunk-or-treating. The theater has also hosted creative events, such as a winter screening of "Fargo" amidst the snow.

Rear view of Movie screen at Getty Drive-In

Step Back in Time and Make New Memories

Whether you're a seasoned drive-in enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the Getty Drive-In offers a chance to reconnect with a bygone era of cinema. Pack your blanket and bug spray, gather your favorite film buddies, and head to Muskegon for a night under the stars filled with popcorn, movies, and memorable summer fun.

For more information, visit the official Getty Drive-In Theatre website for showtimes, pricing, and more!

Entrance to Getty Drive-In with sign that reads "drive slow, many kids but none to spare" on side of ticket booth. to the right text reads View Visitor Guide