The east portion of Muskegon County, Michigan, is a quintessential rural landscape characterized by its rich agricultural heritage. Fields of corn, soybeans, and wheat stretch across the rolling countryside, painting a patchwork of green and gold each season. Among the agricultural treasures of this area, Swanson Pickle stands out as a local gem, producing some of the region's finest pickled cucumbers and other delectable preserves. Here, farming is not just a livelihood but a way of life, and the close-knit community thrives on the values of hard work, sustainability, and a deep connection to the land. This slice of rural Michigan offers a refreshing escape from the bustle of city life and a glimpse into the heart of America's farming heritage.

Wagon Wheel Pleasure Horse Show Jun 22

Wagon Wheel Pleasure Horse Show

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Muskegon County Fair Jul 21

Muskegon County Fair

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