Cruise into Muskegon, Michigan! In 2022 three cruise lines will make Muskegon a port of call - with a total of seventeen stops.

Visit Muskegon received a wonderful email, from a past Pearl Mist passenger. As a result, the words below made our staff quite proud. With the sender's permission, we are pleased to share it here. If you are a volunteer, active community member or cheerleader for Muskegon...they should make you proud too.

Moreover, if you are considering a visit to our Lake Michigan beach town, keep reading...

Message from Cruise Ship Traveler

"In June, my husband and I sailed on the Great Lakes with the Pearl Mist and one of our stops was Muskegon. Frankly, we weren't that excited about the stop until we spent the day in your city.

red trolley sits in front of white cruise ship under bright blue sky

We toured the town by trolley, visited the Muskegon Heritage Museum, Hackley and Hume Historic Sites, Muskegon Farmers Market, had lunch in town, and toured the USS Silversides Museum. When the day was over, we felt honored to have witnessed first hand the rebirth of a city by citizen commitment and volunteerism.

postcard style image shows 4 attractions in muskegon county; museum exterior, historic queen ann home, farmers market and www2 submarine

When the loss of manufacturing decimated your town, the citizens gave it new life by recreating Muskegon through museums and restorations, thereby demonstrating pride in your heritage and your survival. The trolleys, museums, and ships were staffed by volunteers who shared their love of Muskegon with each of us who visited your town. We even met a volunteer who was restoring parts of the submarine.

pearl mist cruise ship docked at heritge landing in muskegon michigan. american flag waves over white ship against blue skies and water

By the end of the day, we had met the best of America--citizens who were dedicated to sharing their love of their town with all tourists and ensuring its continuation by their own "sweat equity. " We are now converts who sing the praises of Muskegon to all of our friends. We believe that Muskegon reflects the best of America--you just can't keep us down.

Thank you for reminding us that ours is the best country on the planet because we have the best people in the world."

~ S. Chapman, Texas

2 men carry surfboards at their sides as they walk over sandy path leading to lake michigan. text on left of image says click here to view our visitors guide

About the Ships

The three cruise ship lines planning to visit in 2022 are American Queen Voyages (formerly Victory Cruise Line), Pearl Seas Cruises and Ponant Great Lake Cruises. Each ship can carry between 184 to 210 passengers.

Additionally, the 4 ships will be:

⚓️ Pearl Mist (Pearl Seas) Carrying up to 210 passengers. In port June 7, 9, 21, 23. July 13, 15, 27, 29. August 18 and 20.

⚓️ Ocean Navigator (American Queen) Carrying up to 202 passengers. In port June 18 and July 2

⚓️ Le Bellot (Ponant Great Lake Cruises) Carrying up to 184 passengers. In port October 8.

⚓️ Le Dumont D'Urville (Ponant Great Lake Cruises) Carrying up to 184 passengers. In port September 4 and 16 and October 2 and 4.

Learn more about American Queen Voyages, Pearl Seas Cruises and Ponant Great Lake Cruises by clicking on their names.