Muskegon, Michigan is home to three state parks, eight county parks and four nature preserves. 

A nature preserve is an area retained for the purpose of preserving native flora and fauna. Smaller in size than national, state or county parks, their primary purpose is the protection of nature. Simply put, parks are managed for people while preserves are intended for nature.

Below are four nature preserves located in Muskegon County. These preserves offer pedestrian trails to observe and admire the natural beauty of West Michigan.

small snow dusted pine sits among tall, towering trunks of larger pines in snow covered forest

Anderson Woods Nature Preserve

Approximate Street Address: 3901 Simonelli Rd

Muskegon, MI 49445



Snow covered pine branches stretch toward blue pond rimmed with snow, bare trees and green pines.

Clear Springs Nature Preserve

Parking at the intersection of Fruitvale & Henderson Roads in Montague, MI

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Beach grass sweeps across lake Michigan shoreline toward tree dotted dune.

Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve

Approximate Street Address: 8501 Meinert Park Road

Montague, MI



monarch butterflies in joe pye weed on muskegon lake

Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve

Parking lot located on Lake Ave in North Muskegon. Just North of Whitehall Rd/Veterans Memorial Causeway



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