Need a vacation? You will be happy to hear that there is a day designated for planning one!

A day to make time to dream about and plan for your ideal getaway.

Did you know American workers left an average of more than four days of paid time off on the table in 2021? Despite this, 64% of Americans say they desperately need a vacation. To address this issue, and encourage Americans to map out travel plans for the new year, the U.S. travel industry celebrates National Plan for Vacation Day each January. In 2022 this day for digging into travel tips, planning resources, and destination ideas falls on Tuesday the 25th.
Here are some reasons to start planning YOURS!

Planning Vacations Reduces Burnout:

• More than two-thirds (68%) of American workers feel at least moderately burned out and 13% are extremely burned out.
• More than half (53%) of remote workers are working MORE hours now than they were in the office and 61% now find it more difficult to unplug from work.
• Just ONE QUARTER of Americans used ALL of their earned time off in 2021.
• Nearly  79% of Americans believe vacations are important to their overall health and well-being.
• Avoiding burnout is a top-rated motivator for booking a trip  - ranking EVEN HIGHER than travel discounts/deals.

The Impact of Planning:

• Americans who make a plan on how to spend their time off will actually take time off to travel. However 24% of American households don’t do this simple step. As a result, they lose or have to forfeit vacation days.
• Planners actually do travel more than non-planners. More than half of Americans (56%) who made a plan on how to spend their time off took an overnight vacation in 2021. Only 33% of non-planners took an overnighter.
• This next point is very important! Anticipating and planning travel makes you happy! 74% of vacation planners reported feeling extremely or very happy anticipating the vacation they were outlining.
81% of Americans are excited to plan a vacation in the next six months. We hope this includes you, and that you will make a plan to visit Muskegon. It’s your vacation time: make sure you use it.
Source: Destination Analysts, 2021