Stop and Smell the Flowers in Muskegon County Public Gardens

Public and pocket gardens are popular outdoor attractions. Muskegon’s small gardens provide a beautiful and colorful addition to our landscape. We invite you to take a rest among the scenic and flower scented settings. Keep reading to learn more about them.


Monet Garden of Muskegon

Downtown Muskegon boasts a miniature replica of Giverny's famous Monet Garden. Once a vacant city lot, now this picturesque pocket park is open to the public. The scenic setting beckons you to stroll over the bridge and take a break on it's benches. Don't forget your camera!





Shakespeare Garden at Hackley Public Library

A tiny garden blooms on Hackley Library's south lawn. Literature themed, this cozy patch offers 35 different plant species. Each of the 35 flowers and herbs are mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare. Find a friendly sculpture of a frog reading to a little frog. Take a seat on a bench made from stacked books. This park entices the passerby to stop with a book, have a seat and smell the flowers.


Heritage Memorial Garden

A lovely little park can be found on Western Ave. in Downtown Muskegon. This Memorial Garden was created in 2005 in memory of Ed Babbitt. The gazebo at the center is a popular spot for photos - and taking a break. Flora lined sidewalks mimic the shape of flower petals. Don't miss the two memorial fountains flanking the sides of the garden.


Phoenix Continuum Victorian Garden

One of Muskegon's newest theme-gardens is located near Muskegon High's football field. This little pocket park welcomes all who enjoy beauty and tranquility. The site where the garden blooms was once a historic house that burned to the ground in 2011. Like the mythical golden bird it is named after,  it is a symbol of renewal and regeneration.


Lakeside Pocket Park

Found in the Lakeside Business District this compact park is also known as "Shirley's Green Garden". The garden, filled with colorful blooms, sits between Wonderland Distilling Co. and Ghezzi's Market. It invites the passerby to rest on it's benches and take in a view of Muskegon Lake - you may even see the Lake Express Ferry sail by. Bring a beverage from a nearby business! This snug garden is located in the Lakeside Social District.


Dirt Daubers Garden

Bicyclers and those strolling the White Lake Pathway will pass through this cheerful pocket park.  Home to seasonal blooms, flowering trees and the “Iron Butterfly” sculpture, the Dirt Daubers Garden is located at the corner of Mears Ave and Main St. in White Lake.